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 In the middle age the indian woman was  neglected .In the middle age many problems and orthodoxy was born and got a great encouragement like-child marriage ,purda pratha ,sati pratha etc. The hindu families were arrange their girls marriages early due to the fear of ''muslims '',who kidnapped the girls for their enjoyment .that thing inspired ''child marriage ''and purda pratha .that condition made the position of indian woman worst  .so that they remained confined within the four walls of their houses and could do nothing useful to their society and nation .In that condition this was impossible that indian woman got education .They could neither attend school and colleges nor came out in the open side by side with men .They were secluded from all society and their existence was quite useless was quite useless to humanity .Thus half the population of India became crippled . They could make no progress at all . They were human beings in name only. They were no better than beats .

                                     The movement for their reform began in the beginning of last century and get great encouragement from the part played by woman in the national movement .

                                       Indian woman came out of the purdah and took an active part in the national movement .There was no distinction between man and woman .
                                                    Through the efforts of RAJA RAMMOHAN RAI,SWAMI DAYANAND SRASWATI ,GANDHI JI achange has been brought about in the condition of woman .After independence government has given special concern over woman empowerment .Indian constitution has provided equal rights to woman with man but that equality is all theoretical  .There is nothing practical in that.On paper woman has got all rights just like man but practically they enjoy very few rights .A daughter gets a small part in the property of her father just as a son can .Most of women  in India are not aware about their rights because they are not educated .
                                                                         shikha kaushik  

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डा श्याम गुप्त ने कहा…

"They could neither attend school and colleges nor came out in the open side by side with men .They were secluded from all society and their existence was quite useless was quite useless to humanity ."

---which is the middle age ..described here...is not clarified.
--- they were not secluded from society.... women were always very much in society even in muslim & english period working hand to hand with men, running their shops, assisting husbands in fields, fighting with their husband-kings, even most of them were getting education. there were no schools & colleges that time, so no question arises. -----yes...parda-pratha, child marriage, vidhava-pratarana..etc evils were prevailing in society ...

Shikha Kaushik ने कहा…

you can say ...school and colleges -gurukul and any other name .boys have learn skills but girls were restricted .

डा श्याम गुप्त ने कहा…

--but in Gurukul both, boys & girls were educated....The wives of The head of gurukul used to manage the whole affair...
--certainly the status changed in Mugal period...

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