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''Before deciding woman's special powers,we should know her true constant duty .Those who demand the rights of woman and also those who think that woman is like a slave are both in wrong.Woman was made to be the helpmate of man .Therefore,she is not the shadow or .........each has what the other has not ,each completes the other and is completed by the other ''-RUSKIN
                                                         The opinion of RUSKIN is absolutely correct that the position of woman in our society is as high as that of man ...but ...for some reason or the other man had not treated woman on equal terms ....mainly in our Indian society .DR.S.RADHAKRISHNAN said-''they were entitled to a study of the ''vedas''.they were entitled to the chanting of the ''Gayatri japa''.all these things were open to our woman .[ESSAY-WOMAN'S EDUCATION ] This indicates that in the olden time indian woman's position in the society was respected.Our great heroines like APALA and GARGI were well educated .Education was broad and deep .On the other hand we can say that there was much equality is the position of man & woman but in the middle age the indian woman was  neglected .In the middle age many problems and orthodoxy was born and got a great encouragement like-child marriage ,purda pratha ,sati pratha etc. The hindu families were arrange their girls marriages early due to the fear of ''muslims '',who kidnapped the girls for their enjoyment .that thing inspired ''child marriage ''and purda pratha .that condition made the position of indian woman worst  .so that they remained confined within the four walls of their houses and could do nothing useful to their society and nation .In that condition this was impossible that indian woman got education .They could neither attend school and colleges nor came out in the open side by side with men .They were secluded from all society and their existence was quite useless .......

                                                                                     SHIKHA KAUSHIK 

International Women's Day theme


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may a woman be a friend of a woman in true terms...let us celebrate sisterhood..

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